Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Chester Keep

Chester Keep by Gilbert_Keith
Chester Keep, a photo by Gilbert_Keith on Flickr.
I really like the look of this castle by Gilbert_Keith on Flickr.
The different types of towers and sweet details throughout make this build a must see! :)

Check it out on Flickr!


  1. Hey guys! Thanks for the blog post! It took me two months to build! It would have been done much sooner, but my 3 yr. old daughter totally leveled it while I was away at a pastors' conference a few weeks ago. You and Steven (among many others in the community) have definitely been an inspiration. Great job with all the CCCX builds especially Mark, and Steven I loved your resurrection scene. Thanks again for the post!

    1. You're totally welcome, Tim! As soon as I saw the work in progress pictures I knew it was going to be epic! :)
      Thank you very much! And I hope we see more great builds from you in future! :)