Sunday, October 14, 2012

Brick Built Boat Hull Technique.

Today, this post will show you how to make a brick built boat hull.

To start, I'll use a 2x6 brown plate

This will be the foundation of the front of the boat.

Next I'm going to add 4 1x2 reverse slopes as shown. 

And I'll add a few more reverse slopes, topped with a 2x2 plate.

Then I'll add 8 headlight bricks on the reverse slopes, and two more headlight bricks on the foundation.

Then we can start adding regular slopes!

First you'll need a 1x4 plate and place one 1x2 brick and one 1x2 slope on, 
and on top of that I added one 1x3 slope, and finally one cheese slope to cap it all off.
Now place two of these on either side. as shown ^

Next I'm adding a bunch of plates, then a bunch of slopes, then even more slopes on top of the first ones,

So the sides should look something like this ^ 
Sorry it's a little complicated. ;)

So with these combos in hand we attach them to the "spine".

Which completes the rounded part of the hull.

So, now we need to make a second one to give the whole boat a rounded look.

The only differences between the two are the longer foundation plate and the spine ends more abruptly on the second one. 

Next i'm going to attach each end to a middle, comprised of brown plates.

It's already starting to look like a boat. ;)


then I'm going to add some reverse slopes to the base. 

...Until both sides are lined with them.

Next, I'm going to place a couple 1x4 bricks in the rounded part so I can add a deck on top.

This picture ^ shows how I built part of the deck with both angled and regular plates.

(The upside-down piece is added just below. I was showing how it was necessary  to add two 1x2 plates underneath. )

Now that we have both ends decked out we can continue in the middle. :)

I've added eight more headlight bricks so I can attach the snot sides...

Next, I'm adding 1x2s and 1x4s in the hold 

As well as some big round bricks.
( I'm not sure what they're called.. But I'm sure you've seen them before.)  ;)

All these bricks on the inside support the deck..

Which is the next thing I'll add. 

From here you can style it as you wish. I wanted to build a caravel so I added various details as shown...

Thanks for viewing! If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment and I'll get back to you. :)


  1. Nice, Mark; this'll be quite useful to me! Though, personally, I'd recommend using 2x2 inverteds instead of 1x1s.

  2. could we see a parts list so we know how many of each part is needed

  3. Thanks for this tutorial ! I have to built a boat hull for my island of pirates :)