Thursday, December 13, 2012

Palm Tree tutorial.

This post will show you how to make the basic Palm tree.

Thankfully TLG has created many pieces for palm trees but there are still some tweaks that do wonders.

First, you need a stable platform for building.

Then I start building the trunk of the tree with the palm tree pieces

It doesn't have to be too tall. 

When I've reached a height I'm satisfied with I place a 1x1 round plate inside the last trunk piece. This ensures that the 4L bar doesn't slide down the trunk pieces. 

Yup. ;)

Okay, Next I add one 1x1 round brick on top of the 1x1 round while still inside the  trunk top piece, and inside of the 1x1 round brick I place a 4L bar (The type used for minifig ax shafts.)

Then I get my regular LEGO bush piece, (dark tan works best, although green looks okay too.) As you can see there is a hole in the center.  

And we just stick it on top of the whole tree trunk.

Then, I'll put a Technic half pin in the base of the bush.

This will provide a spot to put the Palm tree top piece.

Before I place the top piece, I add one dark tan palm leaf piece just below the main prongs of the top piece. 

Then, I'll attach it to the base of the bush, as shown. 

I usually add two dark tan leaves to the tree before adding green leaves.
(Yours doesn't have to bend quite so far down, just make sure it's well out of the way to leave room for the green ones.) 

Then, I will begin to add green palm leaf pieces. Be sure to add them so they form right angles, you can fit on more pieces that way.

Three pieces fit well.

but for the fourth one you will need to attach it at an upward angle.

I can fit one more leaf on the very top. It points almost straight up.

And you've done it! A very detailed palm tree. :)

This tree technique can be done in many different shapes or sizes, I've simply given you the basics with which you can make your own variations. 

Thanks for taking the time to look this! If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment. In fact, comment if you like the tree. :)


  1. That is great Mark!! Thanks for posting this.

    Florida Shoooter on Flickr

    1. You are very welcome Todd!
      So glad you liked it! :)

  2. what happen to the rock tutorial? :(

    1. Hey Leif!

      Another guy asked for a palm tree tutorial a little bit before you asked, your request is next on the list! :) No worries!

  3. ok sorry i didnt mean to sound weiny, thanks though.

  4. Very clever! Might have to put a few of these in Levopolis' quarters on the Galactica!

  5. Clever! I love the bush technique.

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