Saturday, March 16, 2013 Review.

I got a pleasant surprise in the mail the other day... 

Some great Brickwarriors pieces from!

 I really liked the idea of a "Warrior pack".
Perfect for those who are just starting their custom pieces collection,
but also desirable to a long-time buyer like myself, because of the unique colors and designs.  

I also liked how you can see the content before opening. ;)

The weapons and armor all laid out:

The colors very closely match official LEGO colors so that you can hardly tell the difference, even when looking for it.

Obviously a pile of parts, however cool, isn't super interesting.
So I quickly snapped together a few minifigs so you can see the pieces in their full glory! 
Dark blue is such an awesome color. So, I just had to build a 'fig with these parts first. ;)

I quite like the combos on this one, however, his red eyes make it seem like he has a third eye in the middle of his chest. O.o

The Ranger helm is one of my favorite helmets, it's just such a classic design. 

I was also very happy to receive some black vambraces.
 Any minifig lucky enough to get a pair immediately becomes 2x more epic.
They do tend to sell out rapidly so if they're still available pick some up pronto. 

The deadly Areani, ready to strike.

The Pearl gold pieces really stand out from the rest. 
Brickwarriors tend to have a way of making otherwise peaceful minifigs look extremely ferocious and menacing. :)

The alien invader helmet looks totally evil in gold. I can almost hear him saying-
"Attacking you in, five... four... three... two...

Not the best 'fig combos here, but I think we can give him points for looking like Sonic. ;) 

The rose piece is really amazing. It fits easily into a minifigs hand and adds a sense of drama not frequently found in ABS plastic. ;)

The detail is every mold is amazing, particularly on this helmet design.
Of course, with this many proud armed warriors standing around, it quickly comes to blows...
Any minifig can walk bravely into battle with such a fearsome shield. 
"It's my rose!!"
The battle rages!

And in the end, there can only be one, all of this warrior's ex-companions perished of their various wounds.  

Overall, I'd say these parts are definitely worth the money. 
I had a ton of fun with these parts alone.
Be sure to check out these, and even more parts at: 

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