Sunday, September 30, 2012

R.M.D.S Walker

I'm really not a mecha builder, but when I saw this beast from Justin and Jordan ("General JJ" on Flickr.) I knew I was looking at no ordinary mech. 

The shaping and design is incredible! And the color scheme is unique and refreshing.

But what really amazed me was that it can deploy Another mech from the back! 

Be sure to check this thing out on Flickr.

Restoring Order

ShareburG Has built a wonderful scene of a medieval siege.

I always enjoy a battle scene. And the fig posing in this build is outstanding.

The castle itself is very well constructed and so are the wooden siege weapons outside.

Be sure to see all the detail on Flickr. 

Battle at the River

Ryclen has built a very classy battle scene, the great fig posing, excellent rope bridge, and superb water, all blend together into one gorgeous MOC.   

More views on Flickr

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Her Majesty's Dreadnought VICTORY

Rod Gillies (2 Much Caffeine on Flickr) has created a truly beautiful Steampunk vessel. Normally I'm not a huge fan of Steampunk builds, but this creation is definitely an exception. 
The techniques he's employed are brilliant, such as the studs on the hull giving it a riveted look, and the ingenious use of the dark brown boat pieces.

It also looks fantastic in Black and white.

Be sure to check this beauty out on Flickr.

Friday, September 28, 2012

The Decision at the Docks

JimKeepers has created a excellent build that is part of his continuing story for his character in the Lands of Classic Castle.

The Techniques he's used are as unique as they are practical. Be sure to check it out on Flickr

Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Ill-Informed Attack

Jonathan Gilbert has built a great scene for the LCC masons guild challenge. Looking very peaceful and alone, the tower might seem an easy target to enemies...

...But It holds a nasty surprise for those who would seek to destroy it. A secret passageway connects the seemingly lonely tower to other fortifications, meaning it can quickly be filled with angry warriors ready to defend their outpost.

Be sure to check out the set on Flickr.

The Xera Drone

Kyle (K.Kreations on Flickr) does some great castle MOCs, but lately he has been making some gorgeous sci-fi creations, one that particularly caught my attention was the Xera Drone

I'm really digging the white and lime color scheme, and his overall attention to detail.
He based this MOC off of some sci-fi concept art. I think it definitely does the original work justice.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Ishtar Gate

Lukasz or 'LL' on Flickr has built a superb version of the Babylonian Ishtar
gate. Fantastic details such as the SNOT arch and the minifig hands as lions really make this build "pop".  :)

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Northern Outpost

Now, personally I've always been a big fan of iridescent nohow's great microscale MOCs, but this one in particular really caught my eye. The castle itself is brilliant, but never in my life would I have thought of using the monster-fighter crystal things as trees! Awesome work!

The Parthenon

Flickr user customBRICKS has created a beautiful miniscale version of the Parthenon.  The beige color scheme looks great, but what is even more interesting is his column technique using Technic pieces, brilliant stuff!  

Be sure to check it out on Flickr

Monday, September 24, 2012

Oriental Teahouse

Generally, I don't build (or see) a lot of oriental themed MOCs, so when this popped up in my contacts I had a delightful break from the usual. 

Gabriel (qi-tah on Flickr) has really achieved a convincing look to the roof. 
This build is packed with awesome details and nice parts usage, be sure to check it out on Flickr.

The Winged Watchman

Bricko has created a truly beautiful Dutch windmill, details such as a pig-pen and tulip flowers really set a great feel for this MOC.

But, be sure to check out the video because the wings of the windmill actually spin!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Falworth Tree Design Tutorial

Today, this post will show you how to make the basic "Falworth" tree design.

To start, you'll need a stable platform for building

I usually build my trees on a plate or baseplate away from the MOC or scene I intend to use the tree in.  (Makes for less accidents.) 

I make a small brick built base, a few brown slopes does the trick nicely. 

Next I'll add some brown headlight bricks as shown below

These will provide a spot to attach the branches.

For the branches of the tree I use bars or sticks, 
(or whatever you want to call them)
larger ones (such as the minifig lance) for the lower part of the tree and shorter pieces as I continue to build up.

Minifig lances are especially useful because on the handle of the piece you can attach a 1x1 cone and place a small 4L bar inside the cone, so now we have two branches coming from the place of one. :)

Next I'm going to add some of ^ these to the main branches to create a Y shape as shown.

Now I'm going to add some more headlight bricks to get more height on the tree.

And I'll add more branches and side branches...

You'll notice the limbs of the tree get smaller and smaller. 

I'm now adding a top. 

It's already starting to look like a tree. :)

Okay, next you'll need a lot of these types of clips...

...To attach to the branches.

You will want at least one clip piece per limb end, although two is ideal.

All the clip pieces attached, we are now ready for the leaf pieces. 

add like so. ;)

Try to put one leaf piece per clip piece. although, the more you use, the better it will look. Well, generally speaking.. ;)

on the top of the tree add about three leaf pieces as shown above, then top it off with one through the middle.

And voila! You've completed a basic Falworth tree. :)

But, It looks even better with another layer of lighter colored leaf pieces!

This tree technique can be done in any shape or size, I've simply given you the basics with which you can make your own variations. 

Thanks for taking the time to look this! If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment. In fact, comment if you like the tree. :)

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Wolfpack Winter Keep

K.Kreations has created a brilliant combination of excellent minifigs, a nice moat, and overall cleanliness.

But one of my favorite elements of this has got to be the wall and the structures on top. Great job! :)

Friday, September 21, 2012

Pirate's Prison

Now for a neat twist on LEGO building. TheBrickAvenger has created a MOC based on a Playmobil set (#3112)  My brother and I played with Playmobil toys often when we were little, and it's amazing to see a LEGO variation of one of their sets.

I really like the custom cannon, and the overall attention to detail. The dock surface is really well crafted with the intricately placed smooth plates.

See more views in his Brickshelf Gallery or on Flickr.

The Order of the White Wyvern

Ecclesiastes has created a wonderful castle section, the white color scheme is as refreshing as it is beautiful, and the attention to detail is nothing short of awesome.

Be sure to check it out on his Flickr photostream.