We're two brothers who have a passion for LEGO!

We've built with LEGO since we were very young, but only discovered the online LEGO community somewhat recently.

We've seen other LEGO-based blogs but felt we had something fresh and unique to offer... so iBrick was born. :)

We blog other builders' MOCs that we feel are blog-worthy, and also write tutorials on how to create some of our own designs... namely trees.

Castle is by far our favorite theme, although we occasionally branch out into Sci-Fi, Ancient, Aircraft, Pirates, and lately... a little City, too.

We also have a home business devoted to Duct Tape weaponry and the instructions on how to make it yourself. Check out our website to see what we're talking about!

We hope you'll enjoy reading iBrick, and that you will come back soon!

~Mark and Steven


  1. Nice blog here, Dudes! Ever feature any long-running sci-fi adventure series? ; )

    1. Thanks man! :) Haha! We may have too! They keep getting more awesome! ;)