Monday, November 26, 2012

Falworth Fir Tree Tutorial

Okay, This post will show you how to make the "Falworth Fir Tree."  

To start, You will need a stable platform for building.

For the base of the tree I'm going to use a palm tree base and two palm tree trunk pieces.

Although two 2x2 round bricks will do the trick nicely, too. :)

For the "trunk" or main part of the tree I use a long "flex tube" or "rigid hose" (found here on bricklink).

Attach the rod to your base, as shown.

No we can start to add the branches of the tree, For the first layer I used a combo of one large palm leaf with one small palm leaf attached on top, as shown.

I slid it down the trunk of the tree to the very bottom, just above the base. 

Next I'm adding another palm leaf pair and placing it on the trunk as well, just slightly to the left.

Then, I'll add another pair, (Yes, you will need lots of pairs! ;)

And I'll keep adding until I've made a whole circle. 

And we want the tree to be nice and bushy so, we'll add a few more pairs... 

...Until you have about two layers on the base of the tree. 

Okay, next we'll create a new combo, this one is exactly like the first except both leaves are small. 

So I'll begin adding some of the new combos where we left off.

I added a whole layer of the smaller pairs.

All right! Next we'll one medium sized palm leaf on top of another one.

 then we'll attach it to the trunk.

...And add another one.

I stop doing the doubles at the third one.

From here I attach them one by one.

Try to keep them evenly spaced, so the tree doesn't have any gaps.  

More and more...

Continue to add palm leaves...

Heh heh.. 

I usually add leaves until I get six studs from the top. 

Then I'll add a 1x1 round brick on the inside, and a "bamboo" piece on the outside of the top of each palm leaf. (On the top of the tree.) 

I also add 1 "bamboo" piece on top of each 1x1 round.

Next I'll slide a 2x2 round plate down the trunk.

 Notice I've removed one bamboo piece from one of the branches to make a more level place for the 2x2 round plate.

Then I'll add a few bamboo pieces to the top and there you have it! :)

This tree technique can be done in any shape or size, I've simply given you the basics with which you can make your own variations. 

Thanks for taking the time to look at this! If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment. In fact, leave a comment if you like the tree. :)