Thursday, March 28, 2013

Tribal Islander pieces review.

I was super-excited last week when I received some fantastic Brickwarriors tribal islander parts from!

These are, without a doubt, some of the coolest Brickwarriors pieces I've ever laid eyes on!

All the pieces laid out.

The detail of each part is incredible! The theme is totally unique.  

I quickly put together some figs to show off the pieces better. ;)

The chieftain with his headdress, shield, and deadly "hunga munga.

The Zulu-style shield is really neat! It has a bar stretching from top to bottom making it very easy for a minifig to hold. 

Here's a breakdown of the Headdress. 
The Lime green piece fits into a normal plume socket, and the big holes fit horns and other decorative things. 
The medicine man with his voodoo doll
The drummer and his drum. 
The drum might be my favorite piece of all these! On each corner is a connection point so your warriors can drum the night away! ;)

The warrior with his spear.
I've seen a lot of LEGO spears in my day, but I've never seen one like this it's completely different!  

Of course, these guys obviously needed a little scene to go in, So... 

"Run for your lives mates! They don't look friendly at all!"
Unfortunately for these poor pirates they have violated the savages' sacred island!  

 And now it looks like the buccaneers will witness the "Hunga Munga ceremony" firsthand! Oh, what a price to pay for their blunder!   
"Jim, I know it's an odd time to say this but I think the drummer is off-beat!" 

"Myar har har! Take that ya scurvy savage!" 
The Pirates had concealed some cutlasses in their shirts and have cut free from their bonds! But is this enough for them to escape! 

You'd better get some islander parts from 
and create your own adventures! 

EDIT* Apparently I posted this a day early... D: From what I've heard they will be available tomorrow! :)